Clash of Clans: Your Guide from Galadon

How To Get Rid of Those Pesky Heroes

1. Patiently Perceive Parading Parties

(Watch where the King and Queen are pacing)
Don't rush to start your attack- instead take a few seconds to see where the King and Queen are walking, and where they are headed! With a little patience here, you're much more likely to be able to successfully pull them away from the base and eliminate them safely.

2. Regard Red Reaction Radiance

(Watch for the little red exclamation point!)
You can be sure a King or Queen has noticed you when a small red exclamation point appears over their head. From that point on, they will make their way towards your attacking units relentlessly!

3. Meticulously Map monarch Murder

(Carefully choose where to take them out)
Watch for mortars, Wizard Towers, and hidden Teslas- you'll need a safe place to take out the heroes once you have their attention. Damage from defensive buildings can cost you the attack!

4. Precisely Proliferate Plentiful Pain

(Use the right units for the job)
Be sure to deploy enough units, and the correct type, for the job. If you're also taking out the Clan Castle troops, you may need a few more wizards to make sure everything goes smoothly.

5. Prioritize Proper Procession Placement

(Drop your troops in line and in the correct order)
The enemy heroes will generally go after the units you drop on the battlefield first. If you're using Witches, be sure to drop them as far away from the heroes as possible, in order to give them time to generate skeletons- but be careful not to place them near other structures, as they will attack the structure instead of the King or Queen.

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