Creating a Clan in Clash of Clans

The Keys to Creating a Successful Clan

New clans in Clash of Clans are much like new businesses in the U.S. - about 80% of them fail in a very short period of time.

If you're SURE you want to put forth the time and effort to start a clan of your own, then here are some tips to help you build a strong and successful clan!

1. Choose the clan name wisely.

  • You can only do this once, there are no corrections or edits- once you've chosen the name its set in stone until you completely disband the clan. So, make sure to check your spelling! You might be surprised how many misspelled clans are out there, and it's not easy to recruit in global for your clan 'Clashing Crusadars' when people can't get past the name.

  • I'd suggest going with something that is either meaningful to you or the game itself- and if possible, try to come up with something that is both easy to spell, easy to say, and is original. If you have an idea for a clan name, you can always search it before you create your own, just to see what else is out there.

    2. Recruit, recruit, recruit!

  • You can go in global- but you'll find a great deal of competition there, as other leaders will be there trying to get clanless players to join their clan. Try to come up with a unique or different message other than "join", "join here", or "join for (enter troop name here)."

  • Try to use other means to recruit, as well. The Supercell message board is a good place where you can post your clan information for all to see. Also, look to other social media, and if at all possible, find people you know personally who might like to join the clan. They may make the best (and safest) co-leaders early in your clan's life.
  • Don't worry about filling up your clan right away- focus on quality players over quantity.
  • 'Anyone can join' versus 'invite only' - you may want to make your clan anyone can join at least until you have elected a few solid elders. Without elders, if you're not online, there will be nobody there to accept new applicants!

    3. Choose who to promote carefully.

  • Don't throw Elder and Co-Leader around as enticements to get people to join. Instead, reward loyal players who are active and donate with 'Elder' status. This will help generate loyalty. Being promoted to Elder is pretty meaningless when the vast majority of the clan is Elder, as well.
  • Be extra careful with Co-Leader, as the role gives them the authority to remove as many players as they wish. Promoting the wrong Co-Leader can spell disaster for a clan! Don't be blinded by a high league level or trophy level if someone new joins. It's much more important that the player be loyal, active and friendly than high level. The high level players will come (and grow from within the clan) in time.

    4. Have a few, simple, reasonable rules.

    Put together a few rules that work for you and your clan- make them known by all, and make sure all of your members (including elders and co-leaders) adhere to them.

    Examples of some rules I've found effective in the past include:
  • a donation ratio limit (for example, 1:3 donated to received ratio) -no leaving the clan during the week (absent players can hurt recruitment and clan wars, not to mention it makes it impossible to track their donations if they keep popping out) -no arguments in clan chat (I STRONGLY encourage this one). In-clan drama has led to the downfall of countless clans. -\
  • an age limit is sometimes good, if you're concerned about immature behavior. Of course there's no way to verify someone's age, but the way a player act is usually a solid indicator.

    5. Be active and supportive.

    If you're not around much to help push and promote your clan, it's not going to grow by itself! Help with donations as much as you can in the beginning. Chat with other players, share replays, talk strategy, or whatever keeps your members engaged and interested in the clan.

    6. Get to the top 200!

    This is a pretty momentous task, but once your clan hits the top 200, it will appear on the leaderboards, and grow from there! If you have a good reputation for being a well run and positive clan, you should continue to pick up solid recruits, and grow even stronger over time!

    All in all, starting a new clan can be a very time consuming (and expensive) venture. For many, joining an established clan is a better alternative. For newer players wishing to start their own clan, I would suggest being in an effective clan for a period of time first, just so you can simply see how an effective clan is run. Have fun and clash on!


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