Lava Hound: Your Guide to the Newest Troop

Lava Hounds

Lava Hound -- Clash of Clans newest troop, looks as if a Minion swallowed a Golem, if that's possible

Available at Level 6 Dark Barracks and Town Hall 9 - the Lava Hound takes up 30 housing space. Level 3 - they will have almost 8000 health points and deal about 30 Damage per Second (DPS)

Upon release in offense, these flaming flying chunks of molten rock make a beeline for air defenses. The Lava Hound's focus remains solely upon destroying them until all air defenses are wiped off the map.

Then these blistering ignominious igneous ash buckets head directly for their secondary targets - other defenses, and finally Lava Hounds zero in on any remaining structures.

This molten Golem of the skies, moves quickly and distracts all air defense thus aiding balloons and dragons in offense. They will definitely change up air attacking and air defending strategies for Clash of Clans gamers.
Lava Hound Air Defense Attack

With this troop release, it now becomes critical that in attacking your air defenses are spread out. Placement of air bombs and air mines are going to be critical as are the NEW Level 13 Archer Towers.

Bombs, mines and new towers will help slow down the Lava Hounds but it will be tough because those rock hard flying lumps of lava look like a VERY strong unit.

Lava Hounds Break Apart

Going after air defenses much more quickly than balloons, traveling fast and taking massive damage, once nearly depleted, Lava Hounds finally explode into lava puffs.

These bursts continue burning briefly, damaging everything in the areas they've landed in before they flame out -- like skeletons or Golemites

Definitely a very cool troop.

Lave Hounds in Clan War

Troop Spotlight - Lava Hound

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  • And with this update - you may ask -- why, why, why can't I upgrade my walls with elixir and not just gold, as promised.

    The catch is - a minimum of a level 6 wall is required- so, it follows- if you have level 1 - 5 levels walls -- the elixir will NOT work.

    AND in order to upgrade a row, the hitch is that the LOWEST level any single tile within the wall can be is a 6. If you're stuck, simply upgrade all tiles in the row up to 6 -- or remove any tiles in the row that are 1 - 5 levels.

    If you can't upgrade an entire row of level 6 or greater tiles (no button available) -- then check your storage capacity -- you probably don't have the required resources to upgrade the whole row...

    The latest Clash of Clans release - a diabolical dog, combustible canine, searing glowing smoking ashball of fury known as Lava Hound - or misspelled as Lave Hound or Lav Hund or pugalist pup, piqued pup or ferocious, fiery, flambed funky fireball fusion of frenzied fury or just simply THE BASALT BEAST


    Lava Hound in Camp