Peter17$ AWESOME Clan Rules - Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

1. Acknowledge my greatness.

2. Donate troops often and accurately.

3. Fill open requests before requesting.

4. Use all war attacks.

5. Attack unstarred bases in war if possible.

6. No arguing in clan chat, unless it is over who loves me more.

7. Do not disrespect Lost Phoenix or Galadon. We will defeat them fair and square.

8. Understand that when I DO beat the game, it may become unplayable for all others.

9. Know these rules and be prepared to answer questions about them at any time.

10. No leaving the clan unless with prior permission from your leader.

11. Do NOT ask for elder.

12. Watch my videos. Learn them. Study them. LIVE them.

13. Remain active in the clan.

14. No foul language in clan chat.

15. Protect your gem box!

16. Segregate troops!

17. Always refer to Galadon as "Gall-y-don."

18. Members must exhibit maturity, intelligence, and common sense.

19. Gem, or don't gem. And respect others' choice regarding gemming.

20. There's no whining in Clash of Clans!

21. In war, attack close to your number, not below for the easy win.

22. Be an ambassador for our clan in Global chat.

23. As a new member, keep your donated/received ratio very close to even.

24. No negative attitudes!

25. Always pronounce Valkyrie as "Val-cry"

26. Salute the clan banner each evening before retiring to bed.

27. No elitist behavior or attitudes. Just because you are of higher level or have more trophies does not make you better.

28. Do not ask me "when is your next video?" I will let you know.

29. Whenever you see me type anything in clan chat, you must read it to yourself in my ridiculously awesome English accent.

30. Do NOT ask me what happened to my gem box.

31. Do NOT ask about the bathroom.

32. No interrupting Peter when he is talking.

33. Don't ask if Peter and Galadon are the same person. How insulting!

34. NO questioning the rules.

35. NEVER call Peter 'Pete'

36. Never begin a sentence with "Peter, you should..."

37. Do not ask for 'shout outs.'

38. Elders may kick a member only in emergency situations.

39. Elders should always be prepared to be demoted at any moment; members should live in constant fear of being kicked.

40. Do not ask annoying questions.

41. Complete both attacks in every war.

42. Never demand to be donated a troop you can't donate in return.

43. Only elders or above may give the 'new member entry exam.'

44.No talking in clan chat during the 'new member entry exam.'

45. Don't ask annoying questions.

46.Begin every attack by yelling "For Peter!"

47. Train troops in alphabetical order.

48.Never snipe Town Halls in war.

49.Get an attacking badge within 3 days of the league reset.

50.Don't call Peter "sir", "lord", or "king."

51. Don't type in all capital letters.

52. Don't use big strange macros in clan chat (or global).

53. No chewing gum while playing Clash of Clans on the second Tuesday of each month, unless it is cinnamon gum.

54. Every day you wake up in this clan, thank your lucky stars.

55. No dumb jokes in clan chat.

56. Make sure all war clan castles are always filled before war starts.

57. No lengthy personal conversations in clan chat.

58. Always make new members feel welcome.

59. Donate only high level troops to war clan castles.

60. Don't ask to have your replay included in a video.

61. Always report if others break rules.

62. Don't be a tattletale.

63. Don't ask, "Are you recording?"

64.When in doubt about something, ask an elder or co-leader first.

65. Never attack while distracted.

66.Never EVER disrespect the clan or Clash of Clans.

67. Never attack with less than 10% battery.

68.Always wear your seat belt.

69.Don't laugh at this rule.

70.Never eat any of the following while playing clash: buttered popcorn, ribs, chicken wings, and other messy finger foods.

71. Members of feeder clans may only promote to the main clan with permission from their leader and Peter.

72. Check your war clan castle before war starts to make sure you received the correct troops.

73. No BARCHing in clan wars.

74. No BELCHing at the dinner table.

75. NO drama in clan chat.

76. If the game tells you it's time to take a break, go get some fresh air.

77. Aim your cannons and xbows towards the forest, to be prepared for a sneak attack.

78. Always queue up troops for your next battle before you attack.

79. You may address Peter as Peter, Peter, or Peter.

80. Don't act like your clan is better than everyone else's, but know that it indeed is.

81. In war, always make sure you bring your spells and heroes.

82. Don't say to Peter "can I ask you a question?" - because then you already have.

83. Be environmentally cautious. Care for your trees, and recycle.

84.Protect your clan castle!

85. Don't spam "join" in global chat. That's Peter's job.

86.If you're going to be on vacation, notify a co or higher before leaving. Then leave clan so you don't miss war attacks. You will be allowed to return.

87. Always strive for total destruction.

88.Be an ambassador to the game outside of Clash of Clans.

89.Share your attack and defense replays occasionally, and discuss strategy.

90. Be active in clan chat, just not OVER active.

91. Only one account per person is allowed in all Peter clans. Give others a chance to experience the awesomeness!

92. Always read your clan mail.

93. Never train just one of a troop. They will be too lonely and may not want to fight for you.

94.Never allow your donated to received ratio fall below 1:3.

95. Don't point out duplicate rules.

96.Don't point out duplicate rules.

97. Don't upgrade your Town Hall prematurely, unless you have a gem box in the middle of your village.

98.Always assume Peter is lurking in clan chat- and your global.

99.Greet everyone in clan chat when you log on.

100. Never forget that if you are in a Peter17$Awesome clan, you are awesome!

Yes, it is awesome. Want to watch my videos? OF course. Who wouldn't -- Just can't get enough of me? I know the feeling. Anyhow -- check out my YouTube video list here

Creating a Clan -- the Peter17$ way -- which is to say, of course, the best way and you're welcome.

1. Name your clan after yourself

2. Offer whatever it takes to get members

3. Promote and kick members at random

4. Force all members to learn a LONG list of rules

5. Lurk in the chat

You can find out more in the video below -- just ignore Gallydon's part of the video -- bullocks.

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