To Master League and Beyond with Archers

Tips and Strategy

By: Scottyfunda

First of all I'd like to give a big shoutout and thanks to Haakan aka Noobs Revenge aka H the Terrible for making this all possible as well as Bryce aka Marine_Madness for some helpful editing

For starters I cannot guarantee champion unless you have ALL of the following with no exceptions, Town hall level 10, 4 maxed army camps, maxed spell factory, lightning spell level 5+, clan castle level 5, and most importantly maxed arch. I can't stress enough that any other buildings besides those DO NOT MATTER if you are looking purely for cups. Even with maxed defense's at the champion level you will lose every time on defense. The key is to gain at least 30 once your shield runs out before you log out to go on defense. This will ensure that even if you get beat for 15 cups on defense you are still in the green for cups gained on that day.

Being that I know it's not realistic to have everyone with all the above buildings leveled and maxed those of you with town hall 9 can still make it to master 3 with ease and even up to master 1. For this to be possible the following will be needed to ensure maximum results. Town hall 9, All 4 camps maxed(220 spaces), spell factory maxed (4 spaces), clan castle level 4+ (25 spaces), lightning level 4+ (preferably level 5) and again the most important thing MAXED ARCH. (Lv 5 Archers will get them to Master 3, but not Champion) None of this is possible without maxed arch so please do your best to at least get those. Do not fear if you don't have all of the following listed above, I reached master 3 with only 205 spaces in my army camps.

Preparation for attack

Let's get started, first things first. Train and fill camps with all archers, fill spell factory will all lightning spells, fill clan castle with all arch (some people will use arch/wiz or a pekka but I prefer all arch with the occasional wizard thrown in) make sure you are requesting for max arch as well. Make sure king and queen are fully healed as well before attacking. (It goes without saying the higher level your king and queen, the better chance you will be more successful. Do NOT jump the gun and attack without all of the above filled, I did and I lost many many times at 49%. Patience and dedication is key. You will lose but learn from your losses. I want to see everyone posting their losses just as much as their wins if not more. Those of us that have this technique down cannot teach you without first seeing your flaws so please do not hesitate to post all of your losses and ask for advice.

The cc setups will also affect what you're looking for when nexting. Breaking up examples will assist everyone in allowing some customization to their playing style. 1) 30 x Archers
2) 7 x Wizards & 2 x Archers
3) 1 x Pekka & 1 x Wizard, 1 x Archer/Barbarian 1 x Pekka & 5 x Archers/Barbarians
Please Note the stats below as it shows why Barbs are listed. They have a growing trend in popularity in the cc as fillers since Archers take 5 shots from a Max X Bow, while Barbs take 11. Max Teslas 1 shot Archers, but take 3 shots to down a Max Barbarian.

The use of Barbs over Archers depends on if you're trying to shoot over walls or rush them to a defended building for that precious 1- 2%. The Pekka received a significant boost with this last update and its use also varies on your preference. I recommended it to Haakan as it had worked wonders for me.

My personal strategy was to drop this either at the beginning to tank hits if there were a lot of defenses on the perimeter, or if it is a deep base, I'd drop the Pekka & Barb King at the same time with a Rage Spell. The combo acted as a 1-2 punch of Wall Breaking & Wrecking to get to the 2nd layer of the base for the 1-2%. Haakan found that dropping the Pekka near the 3rd Mortar or near a Wiz Tower distracted them long enough for the Archers to do their job.

Max X Bows 80 dps / 10 per shot
Max Teslas 87 dps / 52 per shot

Max Barbs 110 HP
Max Archers 44 HP

If you have 5 spells in the Spell Factory, another option is to pack 4 Lightning & 1 x Rage Spell.


For everyone below crystal 2, I highly recommend town hall hunting to help boosts cups quickly, everyone can easily get to crystal by town hall hunting, but make sure to practice the full arch attack along the way, losses at lower cups are easier to swallow than losses in the master league and above.

When looking to attack someone there are some critical things to look at

1. Where are the majority of the buildings located?

For this strategy to work you will need to destroy 50% of all the buildings which is approximately 38 building (for a TH lvl 10). I make sure all the resource pumps are outside of the walls, if they are not, I normally just next the attack.

    TH8 = 28 buildings for 50% - This is assuming 2 Builder Huts. Add 1 -3 for each extra builder hut.
    TH9 = 32 buildings for 50% - This is assuming 2 Builder Huts. Add 1 -3 for each extra builder hut.
    TH10 = 35 buildings for 50% - This is assuming 2 Builder Huts. Add 1 -3 for each extra builder hut.

2. Location of the wizard towers

If the wizard towers are on the outermost layer of their walls, I next the attack, wizard tower tear archers apart so you will want to avoid them.

3. King and queen

I've found that it is easiest to just avoid villages that have a king and queen awake. It's much easier to attack a village when they are not running around chopping your troops up. You'd be surprised how many villages will have the K/Q either asleep or healing when you start to look for it.

4. Levels of defense

Don't be afraid of attacking max defensed villages, max archers are much stronger than you think especially when you have 220-240 of them. For now though, until you start to climb the master league, you will be able to find bases that are low level defense, so focus your attacks there.

5. Amount of cups available for taking

Uuntil I reached master 1, I only looked for and attacked bases with 28 or more cups available. This allows you to gain at least 8-11 cups an attack. (Preferably looking for 30+ cups every time). It is easy to get lured by a base with godly loot available. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT IF YOU ARE SEEKING CUPS. More often than not, its deceptively well guarded and you will find yourself at 48 or 49%. Players at this level purposely expose enough buildings to nab themselves a cheap shield and a win for 40-49%.

Laying Out the Attacks

1. Drop the lightning on the two mortars that will be causing you the most trouble, if the mortars are not going to affect you at all then hold on to the lightning, you may need them to drop on a builders hut or king/queen base for an extra 1-5%.

2. Next you will drop your full clan castle at the opposite end of where their clan castle is.

3. Starting at a corner of their base hold your fingers down and drag/release your archers around their base (slowly) ensuring there are no gaps between the archers.

4. Immediately drop your king and queen away from where their CC comes out or where there are still buildings standing on the outsides of their walls. Use the queen first to use her ability, then the king to avoid direct attack on the king. Then watch hulk smash with the kings ability.

5. Once you get to 50% I suggest quitting so you can prevent longer heal times on your king and queen. Unless you KNOW that you can nab that extra star, this is critical.


- If you are against gems that is fine, you will still be able to reach these rankings without them however 5, 10 or even 20$ will speed your attacking up immensely. You only need to boost the spell factory which is 10 gems per boost. This way you are only waiting 30 minutes for 5 spells instead of waiting 2 hours. The only other things you would need to gem are your king and queen healing spells if they are high enough level. If the king and queen will be healed before 30 minutes then there is no need to boost the healing. There is no reason to boost barracks training time because all the archers will be done training before the spells are finished.

I know all this seems like a lot to grasp but it will get easier as you practice.
Make sure to share your attacks, good and bad, so the clan can learn from each other.